Gabriel has been one of the first clients here at 7 / 8. The Catalan singer-songwriter contacted us for a full live report of ’Helium’ , his first 4 tracks EP launched last October at Zigfried Von Underbelly in London . In order to promote and push the streamings of ‘Helium’ we decided to divide the report in 3 different sections that have been released consequently: first a photo gallery, then a teaser trailer and finally two live videos of ’23’ and ‘Night Flight’ both contained in ‘Helium’.  Diversifying the media and create an hype for the videos trough the use of the image gallery and the teaser trailer have helped Gabriel reach more than 3000 streams of the live videos across his social media platforms.

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Inspired by the songwriting of Ben Harper or Eddie Vedder, the vocal harmonies of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Fleet Foxes, and the powerful riffs of AudioSlave, his sound is an energetic and uplifting modern blend of folk and rock with songs that range from intimate to epic and include calming messages of hope as well as powerful shouts about the anxieties and problems of the world. Honesty, shining through every intricately crafted guitar part and melody, is the main ingredient in his music, endlessly trying to build a soul to soul relationship with all his listeners.