Enough to say, Lit FM has always been one of our all time favourites. The band, a mixture of Jazz, Funk, R n’ B, Hip-hop, Soul and Reggae has been active for years in the London underground music scene, performing and make people dancing in hundreds of venues across town . That’s why we have been truly thrilled to collaborate with them just months before the release of their new album ‘ Souleil ‘. We decided to focus mainly on video for this project and we thought that an interview video showcasing the band and their influences, their story and how they got together, could be the right way to go in order to bring up a bit more interest on them and let their fan base and potential new listeners to get to know them better. In a truly low-fi style, we followed them during one of their rehearsals, making them questions about their music and themselves, creating an interview video that has been viewed more than 2000 times. Following that, we organised a session to SSR Studio and decided to record and shoot a live performance version of ‘Moonbar’ one of the tracks included in ‘Souleil’ that has been shared widely across all social media platforms. Now, Souleil is out and we couldn’t be more proud to have helped what we believe will become one of the biggest and appreciated band in London .

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About LIT FM

Lit FM are a spiritually conscious and international Disco / Soul-Dub / Latin / Jazz-hop fusion band founded in South London in 2014. The members originate from across the UK, Italy, Poland and the US, and are fronted by award-winning Polish vocalist Karolina Micor. Unified by chance encounters and a love of groove-laden music, they quite simply broadcast positive vibes encapsulated within a style which encompasses the history of jazz music; all the way from the american and latin roots, then through funk, soul, disco and ending with hip-hop and jungle. And there's always a message involved.